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Join the Most Anticipated Waitinglist of the Year
The Internet Privacy Revolution Starts in:

Post Quantum Encryption is the highest form of internet security on the planet.

It’s so secure, not even a quantum computer can compromise it. It takes your privacy to another level.

Zero Geo Restrictions

Access Any Content, From any Location, Without Restrictions

Encrypted Video Streaming

Stream your video’s fast and secure, and monetize it with a click on a button

Lightning Fast Optic Speeds

Enjoy unprecedented speeds, up to 100X NordVPN and Surfshark

Seemless roaming

Always remain fully encrypted, even when switching between wifi, 4G, 5G etc.

Post Quantum Storage

Get your private quantum proof storage where your files are truely secure

Multi Device Protection

Post Quantum Security on all your devices like desktop, smartphone etc.

Besides keeping you safe, we bring you a powerfull toolbox for streaming and broadcasting

Game Streaming

Unleash your gaming powers

Stream in high definition, engage with your audience in real time, whilest your privacy is safeguarded.

Virtual Events

Connect with your audience

Generate income through ticket sales and sponsorships while ensuring the privacy of your attendees.


Share your opinions fearlessly

Enjoy unrestricted expression without fear of censorship, ensuring your voice remains uncompromised.

Secure File Share

Express yourself freely

Share your work confidently, and get protection from interference or censorship.

 Streaming video

Elevate your videos

Host and share vlogs, tutorials, and documentaries securely, reaching a wide audience while maintaining your privacy.

Quantum-Proof Security

User-Friendly Interface

Dedicated Customer Support

Privacy is the foundation of all other rights. Without privacy, there can be no freedom, no dignity, and no autonomy.

Experience OpticVPN: the ultimate privacy solution for journalists, activists, and privacy-conscious individuals. With advanced technology and unwavering commitment to user privacy, OpticVPN revolutionizes your online life.

It’s more than a VPN; it’s a Quantum Proof shield against cybercriminals, government surveillance, and invasive data mining.

Encrypting your connection and routing it through secure servers worldwide, OpticVPN keeps your online activities anonymous and inaccessible to prying eyes.

Be among the first to enjoy true privacy with OpticVPN.

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