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No matter which device you use, OpticVPN ensures that you stay safe and anonymous. Privacy is a human right. We got your back.

Discover true internet freedom with our enterprise level VPN

We have a history of safeguarding important data in datacenters, based on FPGA chip technology. Now, we’re bringing bringing that same level of protection to amazing people like you.

With OpticVPN, you can enjoy privacy, security, and lightning-fast speeds. You get the same level of protection that large corporations and government agencies have been relying on for years.

Since we are the only one in the world able to offer this, the benefits for you are plentiful.

Get the Ultimate gaming experience

Get the best gaming experience with our ultra-low latency and a superstable connection. Our dedicated gaming server network ensures that you can enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

Enjoy Uninterrupted streaming

streaming video opticvpn

OpticVPN has dedicated server networks for streaming, ensuring that you can access your favorite streaming services from anywhere in the world, without buffering or lag.

Feel Safe with Bulletproof privacy

Benefit from advanced encryption technology that protects your online privacy and security. Our no-logs policy ensures true privacy, even when using public Wi-Fi networks.

OpticVPN is the best choice for you if you:

Feel privacy and security are human rights

With our end-to-end encryption and no-logs policy we ensure that your online activity remains 100% private and secure.

Want unlimited access to geo-restricted content

We have servers in over 80 countries worldwide, allowing you to access content that may be restricted in your location.

Require a reliable VPN service

Our use of robust protocols and kill switch feature ensures that your internet connection is always secure, preventing data leaks.

Need a VPN service that’s easy to use

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process make it easy for anyone to use.

Want to stream content without annoying buffering

Our hyper-fast servers and optimized network ensure that you can stream high-quality content without any buffering issues.

Don’t settle for outdated technology. You deserve to best you can get.

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Cryptography: Implement encryption algorithms in hardware and perform encryption and decryption

Machine learning: Accelerate neural network computations and perform them with low latency


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