Hey there, we’re OpticVPN! We’re a bunch of tech-lovers and cybersecurity gurus who are super passionate about keeping you safe and sound online. We think the internet should be a place where everyone can connect, share ideas, and find information without any pesky barriers or restrictions.

With loads of experience in the cybersecurity world, we’ve seen the growing demand for online privacy and security tools. That’s why we created OpticVPN – a top-notch VPN solution that lets you surf the web freely and securely.

At the heart of OpticVPN, we’ve got three core values: privacy, security, and transparency. We know these are the ingredients for a trusting relationship with you, and we promise to stick to them in everything we do.

We’re always busy cooking up ways to make our service better, inventing new features, and polishing the user experience. Our mission is to give you the best VPN service you could ask for, with speedy connections, unlimited bandwidth, and cutting-edge privacy and security features.

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but we won’t stop there. We genuinely appreciate feedback from our users and warmly welcome any thoughts or ideas on how we can level up our service.